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About us

Bugaloo Gaming (formerly Doublee Gaming) was formed in 2017 after playing Ark: Survival Evolved and not enjoying the officials so much (wanted more control). I decided to try to host my own servers with the Dedicated Servers options. Weeks later, I built our first server and met some great people to start building the community. Many of the Admins you see in Discord have helped build this community with me Fast forward to now and we have new equipment donated for more games, donations to order new parts, host contests, donate to modders/devs, etc. We are looking good because of all the help. This community is going strong because of the awesome people here.

Self hosted and managed servers by Bugaloo Gaming. No renting, etc. We keep the servers up with minimal costs for us.

We take care of our players, so we're doing our best to keep our players safe from rule breakers and hackers. And we're always happy to help you in any situation, so you can get more better experience on our servers.

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All donations are used for the gaming community (we are NON-PROFIT). All server equipment is purchased/owned and not rented (this saves monthly costs and keeps us up).


By donating, you can earn some features for the game you donated to, while ensuring that the server stays online and running.


By subscribing our patreon, you help to keep our servers online and running, and you'll get an awesome discord role for exhance.